Bottom Wrap, Strap & Stretch Film

Bottom Wrap

Bottom Wrap

A 100% recycled Kraft product developed specifically for use in newspapers as underwrap for newspaper bundles.

Part # Description
MS0034 BOTTOMWRAP 40# 13.5 X 18
MS0042 BOTTOMWRAP 40# 13.5 X 21
MS0018 BOTTOMWRAP 40# 13.5 X 23
MS0074 BOTTOMWRAP 40# 13 X 22
MS0064 BOTTOMWRAP 50# 13 X 23
MS0070 BOTTOMWRAP, 40# 12 X 20
MS0072 BOTTOMWRAP, 40# 13 X 23
MS0071 BOTTOMWRAP, 50# 13 X 18
MS0058 BOTTOMWRAP, 40# 13 X 21

Custom sizes available upon request



Machine Grade Polyester

  • For medium and heavy duty applications
  • Less expensive than steel on a cost per foot basis
  • Weather resistant — won’t rust or stain your product
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Retains tension with elastic memory
  • In longer labor saving coils
  • Safer and 80% lighter than steel strapping
  • Requires less floor space for storage
  • Superior pliability
  • Minimal elongation
  • Compatible in all major packaging equipment
  • Available in machine and hand grades
  • Recyclable

Hand Grade Polyester Strapping

  • For all applications — light, medium and heavy duty
  • Broadest selection — sizes, colors, and footages
  • Best service — largest inventory
  • Competitive prices
  • Highest quality

Hand Grade Polypropylene

The lowest cost in hand strapping applications

  • Easy to secure with plastic or steel buckles or steel seals
  • The better alternative to twine, stretch wrap and tape

Machine Grade Polypropylene

  • For light, medium and some heavy duty use
  • For a variety of applications — bundling, palletizing and unitizing
  • Guaranteed to work in all manufacturers’ equipment
  • Economical — reliable — smooth running
  • Absorbs shock better than other materials
  • The standard for bundling corrugated boxes, newspapers, magazines and cut paper

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Stretch Film

Stretch Film

We carry a full line of Cast or Blown, Machine or Hand.

Which Guage Should I Use?
Skid Weight Film Guage
Up to 4,000lbs. 120
Up to 3,000lbs. 90
Up to 2,500lbs. 80
Up to 2,000lbs. 70
Up to 1,600lbs. 60
Which Stretch Should I Use?
Cast Blown Micron
Clarity Excellent Good Excellent
Cling Good Excellent Good
Noise Level Quiet Loud Quiet
Elongation High High Minimal
Puncture Resitance Good Excellent Good
Load Retention Good Excellent Good
Attributes Quiet, Clear. Recommended for Uniform Loads. Puncture Resistant. Recommended for Irregular Loads. Puncture Resistant. More coverage with less film

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