Stitching Wire

Stitching Wire for All Machines

Our wide range of superior wire will run consistently and smoothly because of the state of the art low-tension spooling process and pre lubrication for less wear on the stitcher heads.

Stitching Wire Offerings

  • Galvanized – “G”
  • X & XXX grades – “X” or “XXX”
  • Tinned Wire – “T”
  • Liquor Finish (Brassy) – “LF”
  • Stainless Steel Wire – “SS”
  • Spiral Binding Wire
  • Box Wire
  • Bale Wire
  • Copier Spools for Xerox & Kodak machines

Galvanized vs. Tinned

Galvanized wire is the standard wire and used by many printers and binders.  The tinned wire is more expensive and offers a more oily finish that may leave less residue on the stitcher heads.

Hardness Choice

High Carbon provides a strong driving force for thicker books.  The higher the carcon, the more wear on the machine’s stitcher heads.  It is recommended that the standard wire is tried before switching to a higher carbon wire.


Economical and smooth running, suitable for light to moderate work.


Mid Grade – More carbon for improved driving strength and stitching quality.


Triple carbon for thick work and specialty jobs.