Wipes, Shop Cloths & Sorbents

RBP Chemical Technology Inc. is a distributor of the full line of products from wiper and sorbent manufacturer, SELLARS® WIPERS. All products are made in the USA and drop shipped to your location. With our buying power, RBP can offer truckload prices from a box to a skid.

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SELLARS® Rubbin Rags

Pre-moistened, multi-purpose, non-scratching, powerful hand and surface degreasing cleaner. Refreshing citrus scent.

72 sheets/bucket; 6 buckets/case.

Z400 Fold Wipers

SELLARS® Z400 1/4 Fold Wipers

Works like cloth, soft on hands and face. 12.5″ X 13″ sheets, ideal for press and plate cleaning. 1/4 Folded for ease of use. Made with 25% recycled fibers.

60 sheets/bundle; 12 bundles/case.

Standard 4 in Socks

SELLARS® Standard 4′ Socks

Universal sorbent, soaks up to 52 gallons of both oil and water. Made with 80% recycled cellulose fibers. Oil only socks also available.

40 socks/box.

Barrel Top Sorbent Pads

SELLARS® Barrel Top Sorbent Pads

Absorbs oil, water, grease and many other fluids to help keep liquids from getting on the floor. 22″ Diameter. Made from 80% recycled fibers.

10 pads/case

Preferred Sorbent Rolls

SELLARS® Preferred Sorbent Rolls

Absorbs up to 42 gallons of both oil and water per roll. 28.5″ X 75′ roll. Perforated every 19″ across, as well as down the center of the length of the roll for the perfect fit for any job. Also available in split rolls and in oil only.

1 roll/box.

Standard Sorbent Pads

SELLARS® Standard Sorbent Pads

Absorbs up to 29 gallons of both oil and water. Each 15″ X 19″ pad absorbs up to 29% more than the leading competitors’ heavy-weight meltblown pad. Made with 80% recycled cellulose fibers. Oil only pads also available.

100 pads/box.