Dampener Cover Mounting Instructions

Mounting Instructions for Blue-Boi and Blue-Lightning Covers

  1. Cut cover about 12” longer than the roller.
    •  This product will shrink and lock onto roller.
    • All covers should be installed with LOOPS OUT!
  2. Slide cover over the roller and leave 3” on each end to allow for the material to shrink and lock on.
    • If you don’t allow for shrinkage, the ends may fray or wear quickly due to lack of room for shrinkage.
  3. Thoroughly saturate cover with water
    • HOT” is preferred for quicker shrink reaction.
    • Use your hands to squeeze off the excess water. (Squeeze in the direction of the grain).
    • Note how material shrinks and locks onto the roller, and becomes stronger once it is wet.
  4. Now, FASTEN both ends securely onto the roller and trim the excess material