In-Line Adhesive Data Sheet

Specific Characteristics

  • Straight, “in-line” type splicing tape for flying splice applications


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Comparative testing has demonstrated 3% higher splice security and 10 minute less prep time from conventional tapes
  • Slit liner for secure adhesion to top paper roll
  • High tack properties for excellent adhesion between web and new paper roll
  • One splitting strip with paper backing (that also splits) resulting in smooth adhesion transition


  • Newsprint and Printing industries
  • All coated/uncoated paper


  • Can be stored up to 10 months in original packaging


Carrier Specialized thin paper
Adhesive Color Orange
Appearance Color Orange
Adhesive Solvent acrylic adhesive
Release Liner Silicone-coated paper

Product Properties

Repulpability No
Adhesion (180o peel; 1000 ft/min 2000+/- 50 g/in
Heat Resistance 350oF  (180oC) for 5-6 sec
pH Balance
Ball Tack 8 (ball number)
Thickness 120 +/- 5 microns
Width 1.5 inches (38 mm)
Liner Glassine paper 1 inch + .5 inch
Carrier Special thin paper
No Cleavable Strips / Strip Width .35” (9 mm)
Standard Length 55 yards
Application Condition 40 ~ 70 g/m2